Urine Drug testing – Suitable for the Workplace

Why use an Urine Test?

Longer detection period compared with Oral Fluid tests.  This is a straightforward, reliable test, which can be carried out effectively with suitable preparation.  Samples can be collected from the workplace.

Purpose: Detection of recent drug use – view list of common drugs we test for.
Detection Period:  Typically 2 to 3 days from use of drug
Test turnaround: Screening results within 24 hours of receipt of samples, confirmation report within 3 working days

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The facts

  • Urine drug testing identifies drug use over a longer detection window compared with oral fluids
  • Straightforward collection with suitable preparation of test facilities
  • Sample collection kit training available for on-site personnel
  • Sample taking and collection can be arranged through our team of trained collectors
  • Chain of custody reporting
  • Adulteration prevention training
  • Laboratory adulteration screening tests


This is provided as standard through our secure on-line results system.

Designed to offer ease of access through username and password protection on our website www.claritest.co.uk

In addition to this, Management information is available to keep track of orders, test results and reporting.  Results can also be made available via email and fax.


  • Window of detection longer than Oral Fluid, but not as long as hair analysis
  • Suitable for most Health and Safety policies

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