Sample Collection – Drug and Alcohol Testing 

Hair sample collection for hair strand drug testing analysis

Claritest coordinates all sample collection as standard for all cases using our trained collectors. This means:
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  • Everything arranged for you and your client immediately, no need to cut hair or find a collector yourself.
  • Saves your time, as Claritest will coordinate a suitable meeting time and location for the appointment with your client.
  • Sample collector comes directly to meet you and your client at your offices or suitable place of contact.
  • Collectors are trained and highly knowledgeable about drug and alcohol testing procedures and ensure that the sample is taken correctly.  Correct sample collection procedure is vital to producing accurate results.
  • Samples sent to Claritest on site laboratories in tamper proof evidence bags for hair strand analysis can then be carried out.


Quantity required:

  • Hair samples; 1 cm length of hair taken from the crown for every month to be tested.  
  • Diameter of hair required is 6mm (about the width of a pencil).  Wherever possible, great care is taken to ensure that hair it taken without leaving any visible signs. However, in cases of very short hair, this is not possible.  This will be explained to your client at the appointment.
  • Blood samples are taken by our fully trained phlebotomists. 
  • Only a small amount of blood is required from your client (6ml).