Workplace Oral Fluid Tests

Purpose: Detection of recent drug useview list of common drugs we test for.
Detection Period: Typically 24 to 48 hours from drug use
Source: Oral fluid collection swab
Test turnaround: Screening results within 24 hours from receipt of samples in the laboratory, confirmation report within 3 working days

Why use an Oral Fluid test?

Oral fluid offers a fast, reliable test, which can be carried out without the need for special sampling facilities.  Collection is observed by the collector so the risk of sample adulteration eliminated.  Samples can also be collected in the workplace.

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The facts

  • Oral fluid tests are used to detect recent drug use only
  • Non-invasive and simple to execute
  • Directly observed by the sampler – no risk of adulteration
  • We provide sample collection kit training available for on-site personnel. Alternatively we can arrange sample collection  through our team of trained sample collectors throughout the UK.
  • Chain of custody reporting
  • Our confirmation methods distinguish  between prescribed and over the counter medication and illicit drugs


  • We can offer results via our On line results system, email, fax or post.
  • Simplified or full text reports available as well as a certificate of analysis
  • Expert Witness Reports available


  • Suitable for detection of recent drug use only
  • Suitable for most  workplace Health and Safety policies

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