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Our Commitment to you

A personal flexible and cost effective service to fit with your individual requirements.

Each client is allocated an experienced Account Manager to ensure a professional and smooth implementation.

Making Your Workplace Safer

Drug and Alcohol use presents a serious risk to the individual, their colleagues and the public; both at home and at work.

Claritest provides a comprehensive range of regulated and unregulated services to help ensure your business limits this risk and deals with this ever increasing issue in a safe and fair manner.

We have unrivalled knowledge and experience in many industry sectors with the creation of evolvement of existing drug and alcohol programmes. We provide a solution to meet your needs.

The services we provide are:-

  • Drug and Alcohol Policy Writing
  • Managerial Training
  • Employee Awareness
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Rehabilitation and Care


Policy Development

Whether you need assistance with the development of a new drug and alcohol policy or it your current policy needs to be updated; Claritest’s policy team can expertly meet your individual needs.

  • Policy Evaluation
  • Union Consultation
  • Bespoke Policy Development
  • Robust, Workable Document
  • Incorporating Associated Processes & Procedures


Training and Awareness

We offer workshops covering key areas.

  • Managerial Responsibilities
  • legislative Requirements
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Signs and Symptons of Abuse
  • Dealing with Challenging Situations


Our workshops can be accompanied by bespoke Manager guides, E learning and Intranet applications.

Bespoke information booklets are available for employees covering

  • The Company Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • Risks and Effects of Drug Use
  • Employee Responsibilities
  • Alcohol Dependency
  • How to Access Help
  • The Legal Position


Claritest offers a national and worldwide sample collection service for pre-employment‘, ‘randomandwith causedrug and alcohol testing.

Samples can be screened on site or sent back to our laboratory maintaining the ‘Chain of Custody’.

Our collecting and testing procedures meet Chain of Custody requirements, giving you security and peace of mind.

We can collect samples from all over the UK, all samples are analysed in our UK laboratory. View the list of substances we test for or find out more about them in our drugs library.

* For a full schedule of Anglia DNA’s UKAS accreditation please see this pdf.


Point of Care Drug Testing

Achieved through Oral Fluid and Urine Testing.

We offer user friendly, accurate and cost effective devices with instant results.

Oral Fluid Testing

  • Detects more recent drug use
  • Non invasive and simple to execute
  • Sample kit training for on-site personnel
  • No risk of Adulteration
  • Chain of Custody reporting
  • Legally defensible testing


  • Identifies drug use over a longer period
  • Sample kit training for on-site personnel
  • Arranged sample collection throughout UK
  • Laboratory Adulteration screening tests available
  • Chain of Custody reporting
  • Legally defensible testing


Alcohol Testing

Alcohol is a relatively easy substance to test for, the most non-intrusive way being through a breath test. As these are portable, battery operated systems, the test can take place in most locations and normal environments.

All our calibrated breath testing instruments are approved by the Home Office.

Blood, Urine or Hair Testing can also be carried out at our laboratory


Laboratory Analysis

Urine, Oral Fluid, Hair and Blood samples are tested at our own laboratories. 

Claritest acknowledges the importance of accurate, reliable results.  Our strict internal processes and external quality audits allow us to achieve this. 


Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing – CALL 01603 358 171