Claritest is a brand name under which Anglia DNA Services Limited operates its Drug and Alcohol Test Service. In all cases of drug and alcohol testing Anglia DNA Services Ltd (“Anglia DNA”) will follow the principles and procedures set out below.

Our Code of Practice has been drafted in accordance with common law and legislation applicable to drug and alcohol testing.


  1. 1.         Information

1.1     It is our policy to provide as much information as we can to persons who are considering a Test on the nature and purpose of the Test and the natural degree of accuracy expected. Information is available from our website ( Our staff will be happy to answer any questions by telephone (01603 358161) or email (

1.2     It is our policy to provide full and clear results in our Test Reports and to provide further information or explanation if required.


  1. 2.         Consent (General)

2.1       Before samples may be collected for a Test or the Test itself carried out, the appropriate consent must be obtained (unless a court rules otherwise).

2.2       Consent is not consent if it is uninformed consent. The person giving consent must understand what they are consenting to – the type of test and what it will show.

2.3       Consent must be voluntary, i.e. the person giving consent must give consent of their own free will and must not be subjected to undue influence, pressure or threat of any kind.

2.4       Consent may be withdrawn at any time. If any party to a test subsequently withdraws their consent, Anglia DNA must be notified immediately and the processing of samples will be stopped. Anglia DNA fees will still be payable subject to our Terms and Conditions relating to ‘Payment and Cancellation’.

2.5     No Test will be undertaken without the consent of the person to be tested.


3        Consent (Test Reports)

3.1     As well as consenting to the samples being taken and the Test being carried out, the person tested should realise that they are also consenting to the results being issued to an authorised person (or persons).

3.2     Test reports will only be given to or discussed with:

(a)    the person nominated on the consent form to receive the results

(b)    other person(s) with the consent of the person tested

3.3     Apart from the report supplied to the Nominated Person, a fee may be charged for each additional report supplied to the persons mentioned above.


4          Procedure for Sample Collection

4.1     It is a serious offence, punishable by imprisonment to personate another person for the purpose of providing a bodily sample.


5          Sampler/Collector

5.1     A sampler/Collector must be at least 18 years of age, be unrelated to those being tested and have no interest (financial or otherwise) in the outcome of the test.


6          Confidentiality

6.1     All information supplied by persons to be tested shall be kept in the strictest confidence and only for as long as is necessary to adequately carry out the Test, report the results and comply with the requirements of accreditation.

Once the Test Report has been issued to the Nominated Person:

(a)    any bodily samples taken for drug/alcohol testing will be destroyed by incineration after twelve months

(b)    paper copies of personal data and test reports will be destroyed by shredding after twelve months

(c)    electronic data will be disposed of securely after twelve months

6.2     The person being tested is entitled to know the results of the test, but the results will only be given to the Nominated Person or other authorised person(s) as listed in paragraph 3 above. It is the responsibility of the Nominated Person to ensure that the person tested receives the results. However, if the Nominated Person has without reasonable excuse failed to pass on the results to the person tested, we reserve the right to issue results directly or to discuss results with the person tested.

6.3     In most cases, test reports will be sent by First Class post to the Nominated Person and/or other authorised person(s). Where details of reports are given over the telephone or by electronic means, all reasonable steps will be taken to establish their identity before disclosing results to the person(s) listed at paragraph 3 above.


7          Risk to Staff, Clients and Donors

7.1     We take the safety of our Staff, Clients and Donors very seriously, and if we as a Company feel that anyone could be at risk due to taking part in a drug or alcohol test we reserve the right to withdraw our services.